Understanding Window Shutters

In addition to adding style, shutters can also be used as a means of protection for the home or business. In this article, we wanted to provide you with information on the various types of shutters you would find available today. Regardless of your choice, you will find an immediate change of appearance for the better with the shutters adding charm and a hint of sophistication. Remember, shutters can be installed on both the inside and outside of the home. In both cases, the transformation is incredible.

Louver shutters come in a classic 2.5 louver style or if you prefer, you can go with wider louvers up to 3.5 inches. For operation, louver shutters come in a divider rail or split pull bar option. With this, you would be able to operate the shutters from top or bottom. Then, you can add palladium tops such as the radius or sunburst design, which creates privacy while also offering an elegant finish.

For the inside of the home, plantation shutters are a favorite choice. In addition to creating a quaint type of window covering, plantation shutters are great for blocking out sun while adding lots of privacy. Then for the outside of the home, you will often see simple shutters added to each side of the window to help frame and create a beautiful focal point. The exciting thing about shutters is that they come in a wide range of materials such as wood, vinyl, plastic, metal, and steel, along with various colors and styles so regardless of your preference you will find something you like.

Although many people start out with shutters more for aesthetics, shutters are also practical, protecting the interior of a home from the harsh sun’s rays, which can cause carpeting, furniture, and curtains to fade. Shutters also help keep out hot or cold air, protect windows from breakage, and provide protection from debris and water caused by storms. In fact, in addition to standard type shutters, you will also find a nice selection of hurricane shutters specifically made for serious storms.

For instance, automatic roll-down shutters are pre-installed and made from metal or PVC. Designed to roll down on a set of tracks, they can be closed to provide top protection with the flip of a switch. Accordion shutters are also designed for hurricane regions and again, are pre-installed. Used in a box on the side of a window or door, these shutters are simply pulled out and then locked into place. Finally, Bahama shutters are a nice choice although they only provide minimal hurricane protection. However, this type of shutter is great for blocking out the hot sun.

Window Drapes

Drapes are window coverings that serve many different purposes. For those inside of the home they offer some security as well as privacy from the outside world. Even those that live on upper levels may worry about peeping toms with binoculars. Window drapes also allow a person to control the amount of sunlight that enters their room. Shopping for window drapes can be very exciting as there are so many choices.

The dimensions of the windows you wish to cover will have to be taken into consideration though. You need the window drapes to be a good fit for them. You also need to think about the look you want. You may not realize it but the materials and the colors you choose for a room in your home can change the overall effect of how it looks.

If you aren’t sure what you should buy you can consult with a specialist. They can come into your home to look at the windows you have. They can also bring in samples so you can experiment with how a particular style of window drape would look for you. There is no obligation for such a free consultation so you should certainly take advantage of such efforts. Of course they will hope you do decide to buy your window drapes from them afterwards.

Some people like to make their own window drapes though. They have the time and the skills to do a lovely job. They take pride in the work they have done and the way it reflects the image of their home. They are also able to design exactly what they want and not pay a fortune for it either.

Take your time deciding what you want in the way of window drapes. There are so many materials you can use that it can be a long process. Some people change their drapes on the windows several times a year. They may do so based on the season of the year or just when they decide they want a change. Others have had the same window drapes in place for years but they still find them to be quite lovely.